EFOTT 2013



The EFOTT was the only festival for young people during communism. This is a meeting ground for university students, and has been for many decades, the acronym roughly translating to “national meeting of college and university students”. The place is different every year, but the idea is the same; give a chance for young people in universities to meet each other and have fun without any sort of constraints on them. The venue is always a place of great natural beauty which is also of particular importance to Hungarian geography, history or social history.
This year, the festival will be held in Zánka. This spot is a unique national treasure, it is located in Northern Balaton, and has a one of a kind environment and microclimate that is unparalleled in all of the land. It is one of the best places to visit for vacation trips, fishing, bird watching and of course, swimming.

faithless EFOTT 2013

The EFOTT will bring its characteristic greta mood and fun loving attitude to these scenic surroundings this year, and the music will also be phenomenal. Only a few foreign artists will be present, as most of the performers will be locals this year. But there will be everything from rock and metal all the way to traditional folk music, and all of it played by young and energetic people. This is truly a historic Hungarian event, and if you would like to experience the party culture of Hungary first hand, from young college students from all around the country, do not miss this one!

What: EFOTT Festival
Where: Zanka, Ujnemzedek Kozpont
When: June 25th-30th 2013
Link: Official Site

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