Do you like psytrance? Do you like Goa? Do you want to meet a bunch of open minded people who like to dance, have fun and keep a positive attitude towards life? Then go no further, as Saturday, the 21th will give you the golden opportunity to open your third eye and unite with some of the most active and fun people from around the world! This festival is truly global, both in terms of performers and audience; people from all over the world will get together and try to recreate the events of Woodstock, but to a pulsating, hypnotizing, electronic beat!

The Venue

The Dürer Kert has been around for 5 years, and has been supplying the Hungarian capital with gigs and events that can only be seen here. Far from the disco and bling clad Budapest inner city nightlife, this venue takes on the alternative, wherever it may come from. You are likely to run into a Hardcore show as much as a comic book convention, or in this case,a  global hippie festival dedicated to the inner spiritual awakening of our fellow (wo)man. The venue is located within walking distance from Keleti, and is next to one of Budapest’s biggest parks, the Városliget, so it is both close to the inner city and just far away enough from it to give you room to breathe. The perfect venue for a Goa festival!

Line Up

Three stages will provide three different sounds, to provide variations on a theme. The Main stage will have full on and progressive goa trance music, which constitutes the cutting edge in spiritual meditative party music. Sonic Species, Boom Shankar, Hruscsov, Oleg and Tsubi are some of the main attractions, but many more Djs will spin their arts on this stage.

earth dance Earthdance

The Chill Out stage will have more downtempo and classic electronica, as well as some nice instrumentals as well. Nasca, Hardon Orchestra Live, Henzi will provide the ambiance, along with many others.

The Psy stage will provide the hardcore fans with music pushing the boundaries of psychedelia, and even leaning into the dark side of the human psyche, with dark psy, goa and fullon being the main profile for this stage. Comsat & Petar, Dr Space, Aurafood and Jirzij will spin their trademark sounds, along with many others as well.

What: Earthdance  Global Goa Festival
Where: Dürer Kert
When: September 21th
Link: More information

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