DJ Shadow Darkens the Budapest Night

Zöld Pardon

At the 16th of July you won’t be the only visitors coming from afar: DJ Shadow from the USA is also taking a Eurotrip in the better part of July! And the best part of it, obviously, will be the night when he makes an appearance in the shadows of the Budapest nightlife.

Shadow Illuminated

dj shadow darkens DJ Shadow Darkens the Budapest Night

DJ Shadow has been providing us with high-standard, quality music for about the past 15 years, experimenting with different musical styles and coming up with quite a number of his “own” – he was a key figure in the emergence of alternative hip-hop, triphop and downtempo as well. He is often referred to as the “Father of the Instrumental Hip-Hop”, who brought the genre to light.

Your Budapest Night Out

No matter what part of the world you come from, it would be a shame to miss such a highlight of the Budapest nightlife! DJ Shadow will share his rule over the night with DJ Cadic, and he’ll play where the Rákóczi bridge overshadows the Danube. The easiest way to get there is taking a “ZP Party-bus” from Erzsébet square.
The tickets cost 800HUF, which is less than 3€.

What: DJ Shadow – All Basses Covered DJ Set
Where: Zold Pardon (Budapest, XI., Neumann Janos utca 2.)
When: July 16th
Link: See more information

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