Deepfields Returns!

Szoba Studio

Electronic music is growing beyond easily categorizable genres into events where the event, ambience of the given place and the collective who make it are just as much a part of the musical experience as the set the Dj is playing,and many times, lines of genre and style need to be crossed in order to give the crowd an unforgettable experience, and to make things interesting enough to dance all night! Proof for this change is the Deepfield events.

deepfields Deepfields Returns!

This event has been held many different times in many different places, and it always brings in a large crowd of quite different kinds of people; trendy hipsters meet college students and art lovers, mixed in with your typical deep house aficionados, and the regulars at the venues where this dance is held. This time around the event will be held in the newly opened Müszi, which aims at being an independent cultural space, where artists can work and hold exhibits, shows can be held and sometimes even large dances and raves like this one can find a home in the walls of the old Soviet shopping mall “Corvin” on Blaha Lujza tér, the same building where the incredibly popular Corvintető club is also located.

happy birthday high life Deepfields Returns!

And the music? Imagine the ambience of the deep genres mixed with the easiness and familial love of dub, and throw in some good old techno beats and slower, deep house music, and you will have a pretty good idea of what kind of entertainment you are in for. The warm up Djs are all going to be from the same collective, called Szoba Stúdió, making very similar sounds and spinning similar deep house classics, and they are also the collective who hosts and organizes this event. The main guest Dj will be Aurel, who is making quite a name for himself internationally, and is sure to bring quite a few hardcore fans of the genre to the house as well.

So if you want a night of quality electronic music with a large enough crowd but not too large, with a certain sense of community, look no further! If you are something with style that you can still sweat to, and a company that values the music and not just the raving, this is your place, or if you just wanna hear some really decent Djs do what they do best, and be part of a crowd that appreciates what is being put on, this is the place for you!

What: Deepfields
Where: MUSZI
When: February 8, 2014 starting at 10 pm!
Link: More information

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