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Szoba Studio

Deepfields is an event that is hoping to become a series of events. It is an understanding and response to the new trends in electronic music today. It is a transcending of narrow and inhospitable genres to reach an amalgamation of deep, bass oriented, danceable, psychedelic music that reflects the simulacrum of styles and musical tastes, and inhabits none of them but instead chooses to reflect all of them while staying a thing of its own. Goa, psytrance, house, and even acid genres will all be present, and mixed with ambient, chill and downtempo, to create a relaxed but exciting, all encompassing experience heavy with visuals, atmosphere and crowd that really is something unique in Budapest party life, a real community of like minded individuals who like to party, but are also not here to neglect their mind, but rather to entertain it.

deepfields polarize Deepfields Polarize

Just like the previous one, this edition of Deepfields will also be held in MüSzi, which is an artist owned and run workspace that also houses theater events, concerts, raves, and the occasional workshop as well. No other Budapest club or eventhall could be perfect for this occasion, as this place really is all about the artists and the community, and not about lining their pockets, something that is very rare in the Budapest club scene.

Seeing as the previous event was such a success, the wise collective behind Deepfields decided to step their game up and invite Polarize, one of the most well known and internationally acclaimed Djs to spin “this kind” of music. He was a resident at Club Midi, and has been all over the world, doing what he does best; playing intelligent, downtempo yet incredibly danceable electronic music.

On the homefront, three of the SzobaStúdió collectives finest Djs will be spinning their version of the up and coming voice of electronica in two sets. One will be a collaboration between Li and Baco, and seeing as these two are some of the most anticipated folks to stand behind the turntable, the outcome will definitely be explosive! The other is a stand alone set by Delay, and the name says it all with this Dj; his heavy use of delay will make you ponder the roots of the psychedelic electronic music genres, as the heva use of reverb and delay give the set a dub feel, just like old times!

The drinks are cheap, the mood is familial, the entrance is 300 forint for women and 500 for men, and the club is located in the middle of the city. If you have never been to a night out in Budapest, then this is the best place to start, as this particular event will be very friendly and will be held in a good, peaceful spirit. And if you have been to this event before, you know how great these can be, so come on down for round two!

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