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The “Szintér” Project

Színter Projekt

Budapest is a city that has a lot of empty, unused space. There have been massive migrations to other countries, and the birth rate has also been in steady decline, leaving many former shops and cultural spaces empty and derelict,

Eleven Design Festival

Eleven Design Weekend

Yet another design weekend in Budapest! This city is quickly becoming the capital not of just Hungary, but of the design world as well. It seems that design houses and small, independent artists hell bent on making functional jewels, tools

Interpretive Dance Festival


Budapest is one of the main hubs for modern art. The best place for photography and visual mediums, Budapest is also an important cultural as well as physical bridge for the art world. This is where Prague, Vienna and the

Erzsébet tér

Akvárium Klub

It’s past is a mess of lies, experimentation, and scandal, it’s present is all about partying and degradation, while it’s future seems to be over regulated- Erzsébet square is pretty much a miniature version of Hungary itself, and Budapest in

Budapest In Pictures

Buda Castle

Sometimes a picture can speak more than a thousand words, and much of a city’s history can be learnt from looking at pictures of its youth and comparing them to the condition it is in today. Budapest is a city

Farsang – The Hungarian Carnival


Every Catholic country has carnival, the celebration before the fast during Lent. Usually these celebrations are known for looseness and relaxation of morals, coupled with feasting, drinking and a regular old bacchanalia, before the long weeks of piety and work


Opera House

Christmas is unimaginable to many Europeans without the Nutcracker, and this includes Hungarians. It’s haunting music has become synonymous with Christmas, and even people who otherwise never go to a ballet or the theater are likely to have seen this

Where To See A Good Movie In Budapest

Művész Mozi

Sine if us just cannot stand the cold. Winter in Budapest is quite cold, the air is very dry, and the wind chill factor is significant. A lot of folks may want to spend some of their time indoors. The

The Christmas Concert

Christmas Tree

You are likely to find a holiday concert series in any town you go to in Europe that has a medieval legacy, and Budapest is no exception. What is so special about the Christmas concert in Budapest? Everything: the venue,

Ancient History In Modern Times

Acient History

It might be difficult to measure how many essential things you’d be lacking if you lived in a non-English-speaking country. Well, if that country is Hungary, and the city is the capital, Budapest, you’ve got one less thing to worry

The Murder Exhibit


Fans of the morbid and macabre, as well as fans of mystery and disciples of the forensic arts and of criminology will all find a very interesting exhibit at the Üvegpalota at Vörösmarty square in Budapest. This place has become

The Art Project

Museum of Applied Art

Hungary joined The Art Project Visit virtually the Museum of Applied Arts! The Art Project by Google’s Cultural Institute is an initiation that never seemed possible before, although it has been dreamed of since the very beginnings of art, culture

World Heritage Sites in Budapest

World Heritage

Celebrating 40 years of World Heritage The UNESCO World Heritage Convention was launched in 1972 as a global effort to preserve the world’s cultural and natural values. The listed World Heritage Sites are all considered to have a special significance,

Have an Impression of Budapest


Nowadays the National Gallery in Budapest is not only stunning because of the view of the Danube from it but also because of the Monet, Gauguin, Szinyei Merse, Rippl-Rónai exhibition. I guess the first two names ring a bell if