Club des Belugas


The increasingly popular Jazzy Festival presents the German Club des Belugas, which is considered to be one of the leading European Nujazz projects. The intensely creative musicians combine elements of Nujazz, Lounge, Brazil Beats, Swing and Soul styles to achieve the amazing sounding of their own.

Kicking it off in 2002, Club des Belugas released five 12’’ vinyls and six albums so far, two of which got selected as the Best CD of the year 2006 and 2008. Several of their songs became German Club Charts top hits, and the “Wildcats gotta move” stayed at the top for 8 weeks. Their album, “SWOP” is one of the most sold albums ever. The Club des Belugas tracks were  licensed for commercials and remixed countless times.

The main members are Maxim Illion and Kitty the Bill, with outstanding, varied guest vocalists. At this upcoming concert in Budapest, the Club des Belugas Quartet will be playing: Christian Mohrhenn (drums), Jonas Bareiter (bass guitar), Mathias Hoederath (keyboard instrument) and Anna Luca (vocal). What makes this concert beyond compare for us Hungarians is that the vocalist is also Hungarian this time, so we get to see one of the best bands accompanied by one of our talents! We wouldn’t miss this concert for a thing; would you…?

What: Club des Belugas @ Jazzy Festival 2013
Where: MOM Cultural Center
When: 2013.10.19., 20:00
Link:More information

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