The Christmas Concert

Christmas Tree

You are likely to find a holiday concert series in any town you go to in Europe that has a medieval legacy, and Budapest is no exception. What is so special about the Christmas concert in Budapest? Everything: the venue, the roster, the tradition, and of course, the awesome musicians.

Liszt Ferenc Academy

Named after one of the greatest composers of all time, and a favorite source of Hungarian national pride, the Academy boasts some of the most unique architecture, and is equipped with one of the most awesome concert halls in Europe. The interior is about as classical as it gets, and the Academy has just recently been renovated, making this concert very special as one of the first larger shows in the “new” Academy.

György Vashegyi

The roster is going to be the Weihnachts-kantaten of none other than Johann Sebastian Bach, a great mixture of works whose melodies recall the Christmas of our childhoods, when imagination and tradition coalesced into a dream world of candy, cold, cinnamon and of course colorful presents. The music of Bach will invoke those old memories, as two of the cantatas that will be performed bear very close associations to Christmas, only amplified by their appearance in many movies,like Home Alone, for example.

The conductor will be György Vashegyi, known for his love of early classical music, and of his undying resolve to popularize the traditions of classical music. He is the founder of two chambers, the Orfeo Orchestra and the Purcell Choir.

The date of the concert is traditionally the 22nd of December, and this year will be no exception. If you want to her beautiful chamber music written by JS Bach and conducted by a man about as close to him as any living human is, and inside one of the most beautiful edifices in Budapest, this is your chance.

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