Caving Under Budapest

Caving Under Budapest

When it comes to nature tourism, and outdoorsy activities, Hungary is frequently not one of the places that gets mentioned. This is a shame, as we have some real natural wonders waiting for those willing to explore them! Being a relatively deforested, relatively small, relatively flat country, one would not think intuitively that there is that much to see. Sure there are steppes, which are beautiful with their long sun sets and beautiful horses, and the occasional smaller mountain as well, but f you want to see the real treasure chest of Hungarian nature tourism, you will have to look a little bit deeper. Hungary is one of the prime places to go spelunking and caving. It is also one of the most frequented bird watching places on Earth.

Caving in Budapest

To get to a nice, intact and well preserved cave, you don’t even need to leave Budapest! Caving in Budapest can be had on the Buda side, as underneath the hills of Buda are real mazes of limestone and stalagmite, and pretty much everything in between.

caveing budapest Caving Under Budapest

Hungary and especially Budapest is known for its thermal baths, and wherever there are thermal waters, there is bound to be water erosion. Seeing as the thermal waters come from underneath the hills of Buda, which are made of rock, it makes sense how thermal water erosion leaves enormous caverns and natural, breathtaking underground halls. 

Caving museum

The most famous and most frequented cave is the Szemlő-hegyi cavern system, which has been made into what is essentially an underground caving museum. This place is child and family friendly, and is one of the safest places to go caving. Incredible natural monuments abound, as this is a limestone cave, with plenty of water in it. The cave is not much of a challenge to a sportsman, as it has a concrete walking platform that is wheelchair accessible, unlike most places in Hungary. The caves are also dimly lit by an artificial light. This is definitely the cave to go to for families and small children, beginners and anyone in a wheelchair. It is astoundingly beautiful, and perfectly safe, too.

The Pálvölgyi cave system is also quite nice, but a little bit more difficult to get around in. The system consists of 29 kilometers worth of underground exploring, with tight space and grand openings, humongous interior drops and everything that caves have to offer, even a smallish thermal lake. The cave is multi level, as the rock is relatively porous and has openings and “levels” and “galleries” all around. This cave system is located at the meeting of the Duna and the Ipoly, and is located in a scene of natural wonder, as this delta has been deemed a National Treasure, and is now a National Park. There are two kinds of tours on this remarkable cave system, one that is a 45 minute guided, safe journey, and a little bit more adventurous one in which you can go anywhere within the cave and explore for yourself! No prior experience necessary, but you do enter the caves without a guide at your own risk, so that is definitely something to keep in mind.

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