Casino Bankok

Casino Bankok

This party series only exists

in the summer and for a very good reason.

This is the epitome of a legalized rager, and the atmosphere is crazier than a riot in the Arkham asylum. Literally a thousand people come here to listen to low class music that is easy to understand, and everyone is there for booze or sex, and most of them can be convinced of both easily. The party usually just blasts techno and house classics along with minimal pop music as well. All of the well known local DJs who run this type of genre and play frequently get invited, but few people come here for the music. A perfect place to immerse yourself in some local culture, drink and dance till you drop.

corvinteto inside Casino Bankok

The Venue

This party series is alwayís held at Corvintető, a venue that is getting quite a name for being deliciously trashy, and just bad enough to be good in a cheap kind of way. These kinds of parties, together with Rewind, which is the ultimate trash retro party, are held here several times a week, but this series is by far the king of them all. Attendance should be massive, so make sure to get in by 10 PM!

What: Casino Bangkok Disco Party Series
Where: Corvinteto, Blaha Lujza Square
When: Starting this Friday, from 14.06.2013
Link: More details

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