Budapest Timelapse

Lánchíd este

Beautiful Budapest

This hypnotically beautiful video not only presents the major sights and the beauty of Budapest, but also gives us a feel of its everyday, busy life, day and night, across the year… Watching it leaves no doubt that you must have visited Budapest already. But don’t worry even if you didn’t get the chance sooner, at least now you know your next destination!

The fusion of nature and the city is a major theme of the video, a great example of which is the Danube and the bridges – which is also what makes Budapest outstandingly beautiful even compared to other European capitals. Another nice capture of this theme are the lights – the sky’s during daytime, the city’s at night, and of course to top it all, the magnificent fireworks at the end of the video.

Besides the Danube, the sights of the capital are even more prevalent. The video presents most of the important ones, such as the Parliament, the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Buda Castle, the Opera House, the Heroes Square, the Erzsébet square, and countless others…

Németh Norbert Photography

The photographer uses the more and more popular timelapse technique, which is a combination of photo and motion picture. The stunning artistic effect stems from the unconventional handling of time itself. For example, we get to see dawning within 10 seconds, as the sun rises high above the Parliament… This method allows us to see the delicate transitions between day and night, and depicts a real, living image of Budapest without having to watch it real-time – for that, you better just visit it yourself!

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