Budapest In Pictures

Buda Castle

Sometimes a picture can speak more than a thousand words, and much of a city’s history can be learnt from looking at pictures of its youth and comparing them to the condition it is in today. Budapest is a city that has always had the blessing of being one of the centers of the relatively new art form; photography.Many institutions have been here for a long time, and in the past, as well as today, this city has been very influential in the creation and maintenance of this form of artistic expression.

Aside from this, the city itself is quite photogenic, and the slides shown below are a great example of why!

Budapest is a city characterised by change, but one that can never quite get rid of the old, creating a unique atmosphere, in which there is a synthesis of the old and new. This is showcased marvelously with time lapses of Budapest, something that many photographers are very keen on doing. Budapest lends itself very well to this, as it was completely and utterly bombed time and time again, and amazingly rose from the ashes to become one of the most beautiful cities in Europe time and time again. Timelapses show these massive restructurings and rebuildings, and are very fascinating because of this.

Comparing slides of old and new Budapest are also something that Hungarian pop art has been doing quite a lot of lately, as the changes are very significant, and are very visual. Take any square, and you will see the transformation from dirt roads and infrequent but cramped little dwellings expand into proper city blocks with roads, tram lines and all the necessities of life in the city.

If you want to know more about Budapest in just a few minutes, and get a basic feel for how the city has progressed and changed, these timelapses should give you a general feel for the history of Budapest without any real details in a very easy to consume and enjoyable manner:

This is one of the old Budapest >> Watch Video

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