Bosnian movie – Children of Sarajevo

Children Of Sarajevo

Starting this weekend, there will be a film showcasing Bosnian movies that deal with the unique topic of post war Bosnia; survival in a semi-European state as an orphan of the war. Wars always leave many orphans and broken families, widows, and these sectors of society are always very vulnerable. That is why the true damage of war can only be felt after a generation of war children grows up. This film deals with that generation who has grown up, and the things they see and feel, the world that they are forced to live in. A world recovering from violence but still drawn by old conflicts, a cold world in which opportunity, discrimination, hopelessness and possibility exist side by side.

children of sarajevo Bosnian movie   Children of SarajevoThe Movie

This movie was directed by Aida Begic, and can be seen as a continuation of the 2008 hit movie Snow, a movie about the women who were left behind and had lost a husband to the war. A movie dealing with orphans of war is a natural successor to this movie, but it only follows thematically, as none of the characters are the same, and the “sequel” can be viewed as a separate entity altogether. You needn’t have seen Snow in order to enjoy and understand the movie’s plot.

The Venue

The movie will be aired form the 27th of June until the 3rd of July, so it will not have a long airing time. The movie was made in 2012,  and can be viewed only at three movie theaters in Budapest: the Toldi, Uránia and Művész cinemas. These are three prestigious movie theaters who often show indie movies and movies that cineplex is not willing to air.


What: Children Of Sarajevo
Where: See Above
When: June 27- July 3
Link: Children Of Sarajevo

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