Bohemian Betyars New Album Preview At A38

Bohemian Betyars

If you are in Budapest this weekend, you are in luck!

A very special exclusive sneak peak at the new album by Bohemian Betyars, the Hungarian folk “punk” dance mash up band that is storming the country at full force, and has been for quite some time.

Originally from the famously ghetto city of Miskolc, these fine folks have managed to get around quite well, touring in every country in Europe, and making it all the way to the pacific ocean as well! A one of a kind band, drawing from very diverse influences- you can hear the Boban Markovich Orchestra influence quite clearly, but mixed with good pop and dance music as well as lighter punk rock like the Misfits or the Sex Pistols.

The event is also special because of the venue.

Named the best venue in the world for 2012, the A38 boat truly is a marvel. It is huge, it sounds great, and you have more than one stage at any given night, and this event will be held on the deck of the enormous ship, which has the cutest little bar. A good friend will be doing sound, so expect greatness!

What: Bohemian Betyars album preview gig
Where: A38 Ship (Lagymanyosi Bridge, on the Buda side)
When: 05.23.2013
Link: Bohemian Betyars at A38

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