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Gozsdu Sky Terrace

Gozsdu Sky Terrace

Budapest is one of those European cities that sprang up spontaneously over time, and it was not planned, like most American cities, for example. That means that most of the architecture does not conform to one another, and the different

Gay Bars In Budapest

Gay Pride Flag

Although Budapest is not known for its gay nightlife, and homosexuality is still a very taboo subject in mainstream society, there is a gay community, and there are places that are specifically geared towards homosexuals, they are just not talked

The ruin pubs of Budapest

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As the ruin pubs have burst into the nightlife of Budapest, they’ve changed everything – from the overall nightlife to the touristic nodes. Eventually, they’ve reshaped the whole downtown area of Budapest in the course of a decade. The first



Take the “usual” ingredients: Jewish district, ruin pub, café, 200-year-old monument as a venue for parties, acoustic concerts or just a chit-chat with your friends — and you get  Lokál or (Local in English) as a result. But… What makes

Gozsdu Mano Club


A ruin pub for dancing Situated in the very heart of Gozsdu Udvar (courtyard), this underground ruin pub is indeed special for the only reason that you can dance here! This is not only a bar, a club but a

Museum Garden & Lounge


Garden&lounge in a museum, what the…?? Well, actually this is not inside our National Museum but in the huge and beautiful garden of it. A museum has never been so colourful before I know the weather is not the best



Another brand new ruin pub, but this time you should leave all your expectations behind – at least according to the owners of the pub. This three-month-old venue is the younger brother of the neighbouring Füge Udvar (Fig Court) but

Farm in the city


When the rural surroundings is missing for you, no need to go to the countryside! Just walk into the brand new ruin pub of Budapest in Ó street. Officially less than a month old, but already popular among the younger

Hooters Budapest


Have you heard of their GIANT ummm… burgers? Hawaii, Nacho, Blue Cheese, More Than a Mouthful and Mushroom Swiss are just a few among their enormous Burgers. This world-famous bar has opened its gates in the summer of 2012 in

Corvintető (Corvin top) an underground club above the ground


When searching for a must-see place in the nightlife of Budapest, a different world of electronic music reveals itself for you, on the 4th and 5th floor of Corvin plaza. The main focus of the six-year-old (but newly renovated) club



Another ruin pub, you might think… BUT, when I take any of my foreign friends to Ankert the first reaction is always “Wow!” when we enter. To be honest, there is nothing special in the minimal design: another apartment block



Are you looking for something special in the nightlife of Budapest? You like parties but aspire for something more? Does the term “ruin bar” ring a bell? In any case, you’d better not miss Instant, an instant program in a

The Beer Cellar – is a new place that just opened on Raday street


Serpince or Beer Cellar in English, is a new place that just opened on Ráday street, the premier “gastro street” (it’s a ritzy street full of places to eat) in Budapest. When you first enter Ráday, your senses will be