Balaton Sound Festival 2013

Balaton Sound 2013

The biggest electronic music festival in Hungary, and one of the best ones in the world, located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the Hungarians ea, the Balaton. Since Hungary is landlocked, and has just one larger lake and a few smaller ones, this lake enjoys cult status in the minds of the Hungarian populace.

This Year

The festival is held in Zamárdi, on the southern shore, the side of the lake where all of the parties are held. Last year the festival was the winner of “Best European Middle-Sized Festival”, beating some very serious competition. This year, the award is almost certainly in the bag again, as the line up includes The Prodigy, Wu Tang Clan, Amon Tobin, DaDa Life, Steve Aoki, the Bloody Bettroots, and a whole host of other artists that are getting significant airplay nowadays. Always mixing in new favorites with old classics, this festival always offers a very interesting palate.

balaton sound 2013 Balaton Sound Festival 2013

How To Get There

You can just take the train to Zamárdi, it is a very crucial destination for locals as well as the hordes of German tourists who go to the “Plattensee” (their name for the Balaton), so the stop is hard to miss. You can also get on a bus at Népliget, and it will take you to the festival gates! Check their very helpful website for more information!

What: Balaton Sound festival
Where: Zamárdi, the beach
When: July 11th-14th
Link: Official Site

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