Back To The 80s Old School Hip Hop Party

Mika Tivadar Mulató

This is one of those parties that started off as a one time event and got so hugely popular that now people are bringing it back for round two. This will be a Dj event, where two lads who are totally infatuated with old school hip hop, funk and motown, and early Afro-American disco will be spinning all their favorite tunes for the betterment of humanity.

This event is characterised not so much by the performers as the crowd, this event is truly a crowd pleaser. It is done so that a section of music that is largely unexplored, or just touched upon in general musical repertoires can have the chance to flourish and blossom in all of its glory, and seeing as the genre will be old school hip hop, there is plenty of blossoming to do. The ambience at these events is more important than anything, as it is held to have fun in an atmosphere that emulates the time the music is from. To make sure this happens, participants are encouraged to dress like it is a hip hop party in the 80s; track suits, baggy pants with handles, adidas out the wazoo, shell tops particularly, as well as large necklaces are the thing to wear at this event.

old school hip hop Back To The 80s Old School Hip Hop Party

The Djs will be the duo Elliott & Séf, who only work together, do not record, do not produce, indeed, are not really artists, musicians or Djs at all, but rather a couple of bona fide selectors with excellent taste in music. The party will be fun, laid back and without any hint of elitism, snobbism or who’s who nonsense, it is just a saturday night full of dancing, drinking and having a great old times to songs that everyone knows or has heard at least once.

The venue will be the super laid back and easy Mika Tivadar Mulató, which is basically nothing more than a souped up parking lot off one of the party streets in Budapest. The place will laos be holding a roller disco event at the same time! This means you can ride around on your roller skates while listening to these great hits, with some of the best company Budapest can offer.

Entrance is FREE, skates are rentable if for some strange reason you do not have your own. Drinks are cheap, and check the bar to see the specials that are on each day, as the drink specials are phenomenally cheap, and usually great tasting, too! Come along, kick back, relax, and get your break dance on this Saturday at Mika Tivadar Old School Hip Hop and Roller Disco Night!

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