Bacardi Party Patrol!


Experience a crass, dirty, typical Hungarian party! Some of the country’s favorite singers will be playing, and the prices will be extremely down to earth! If you don’t care about the Djs and the music, you just wanna dance, get drunk and flirt, this is the party for you!

A themed dress up where hosts and hostesses will be dressed up like police officers, of course with a super sexy edge, and where hundreds of single men and women will come down to have some fun. The prices are cheap, so you can see a party that everyone can afford, meaning you will get to see how a normal, everyday Hungarian likes to get drunk on a Saturday.

The venue will be the famous Up! club in Budapest, which is a great mixture of class and affordability, a place where anyone can get in, but there is face control at the door, a place where you can afford to buy the whole bar, but the bartender will stop you halfway if you are slobbering on yourself.

The music will be the most famous clubbing music of Hungary: House! Some deep, some classic, but all of the music will be easy listening, with the main attraction being the throngs of singles who come to this event to feel good, dance the night away and hopefully meet some new and interesting people.

The party goes on all night long, and entrance fee is 500 forint before midnight, and 1000 afterwards. Ladies get to come in for free, until midnight, of course, afterwards for the price of 500 forint. Cocktails and shots will be on sale throughout the night, at ridiculously low prices. If you visit Budapest and are looking for a night of dancing, fun and possibly no memories, this is the party for you!

party patrol1 Bacardi Party Patrol!

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