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Hungary is a landlocked country, and while there are several larger lakes that are perfectly fine for swimming, most cities only encounter the tainted waters of the Danube or the Tisza, both thoroughly unfit for swimming because of industrialization. Although the rivers are recovering from the toxic pollutants that once infested it, they are still quite poisonous, and cannot be used recreationally. This is why the concept of the “strand” was invented back in soviet times.

The “Strand” is an artificial beach, with one or more pools around it. The style that these very interesting and very dating spaces were built is distinctly Bauhaus, and smacks of the communist era. Indeed, these beaches were built to give the workers of the future the physical and mental relaxation they needed after building socialism for everyone, and this would give them the option of relaxing near some water and getting away from the heat without having to leave their urban place of residence. Such places can be found in almost every locale, and certainly in any place that has a population of six or seven digits. These establishments were incredibly popular, and have an inimitable culture all to themselves, and they are still used by almost everyone to this day.


palatinus strand Artificial Beaches

This beach is located on Margaret island, and is the most popular one to this day. Having a number of pools that are revamped periodically, this “strand” seems to escape the fate that many of its peers have run into, which is becoming rusty and derelict with age. This is probably the best place to go swimming in Budapest, as they have a number of childrens pools, amusement pools with whirlpools, geysers and hot water, as well as your traditional deep and long pools where swim meets are held. A very classic Budapest summer experience. Beware of pickpockets though, and never leave your valuables unattended.


dagaly Artificial Beaches

Located on the banks of the Danube across from the island is another old “strand”, the Dagály. Located in the 13th district which is well known for water, and used to be a fishing monopoly before the Danube was completely destroyed by industry, this is a historic beach, and is linked to an underground aquifer. There are artificial pool,s but the beach couples as a bathhouse as well, as some of the most potent healing mineral waters are located just beneath the surface. The waters here have a positive effect on the skin, and can cure joint ailments, and is even bottled as a digestive aid.


csillaghegy Artificial Beaches

Located just outside the city in the Buda mountains, this is one of the more remote but interesting beaches in Budapest. It is the largest one on the Buda side, and the water here is naturally occurring mineral water. This place has some of the best prices, too, as it is cheaper than your regular beaches, and is much cheaper than a bathhouse or spa would be. This beach has 3 pools, all with the naturally warm, 23 °C mineral water in it.

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