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Hungary joined The Art Project

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The Art Project by Google’s Cultural Institute is an initiation that never seemed possible before, although it has been dreamed of since the very beginnings of art, culture and history themselves. We’re all familiar with the temptation of such ideas as to collect the world’s entire knowledge, the whole of literature, or every piece of art that has ever been made. Google’s attempt is focused on the latter, and proceeds with an unexpected and exciting velocity.

More and more museums and art institutions join Google’s efforts and participate in the project – that is, they offer their artworks to be displayed in the conjoined, online collection, accessible here. So it is made possible to view artworks and collections from all around the world just while sitting in front of your computer. The resolution of the pictures is splendid, and you can even create a gallery of your own!

museum of applied art budapest The Art Project

The quality and the quantity of the artworks and institutions are way beyond expectations, but the Project holds even more surprises for the lovers of art! With the same technology that is used in the Google Street View, you can actually place yourself in the middle of a museum and wander around exactly as you would in real life! Visit and walk around the most famous museums of the world and lose yourself in viewing the wonderful artworks – all through your browser!

The Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest is the first of the Hungarian museums to join the project and have a Street View accessibility, but several other of our major museums decided to display their collections. Check them out, along with the other 300 museums and almost 50 000 artworks!

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