Another ruin pub, you might think… BUT, when I take any of my foreign friends to Ankert the first reaction is always “Wow!” when we enter.

To be honest, there is nothing special in the minimal design: another apartment block (but this time a very HUGE one), turned into a club, no fancy colours or paintings, just grey walls, English words here and there, some white canvas, invoking classical modern architecture, without any unusual shape but rather in an enormous size.

The place is originally a monument from the 1830s, so this can be one of the reasons for its minimal style.

Better Later Than Never!

So what’s all the fuss about, then? It’s the atmosphere: when the Budapest night comes, the place becomes packed (800-1000 people can party here at a time) with hipsters, freelancers, fashion-lovers or just youngsters between 20 and 40. The young, one-year-old Ankert is the summer version of Anker Club, with the biggest open-air yard in downtown of Budapest. In the first yard you can find two enormous bars, a big dance floor, some garden chairs and sofas, few newly planted trees, as well as a caravan. The second yard aims to give you a sandy beach feeling: it’s not your imagination, you hear seagulls, see a big ‘oceanic’ screen (yes, football matches are available), might play beach soccer and touch the sand with any part of your body, so every sense of yours has something to focus on.

ankert night ANKERT
Even daytime, despite the ruined surroundings, you can feel relaxed, with lampions over your head, special “reservoir” for your bikes and a chance is also given for your beloved dog to make new acquaintances. Fill your belly with nice grills, vegetables, hot-dogs, hamburgers or cocktails, beers and other useful stuff, but beware of the prices!
During the week or daytime, chill music sets the background for the conversations with your friends, but when the Budapest night comes to life, prepare yourself for some party time for (really) all types of funk, soul, electronic, disco, hip-hop … music.

Many find this ruin bar snobbish, and it’s not because Ankert is just a few metres from the Opera House. Rather because of the above mentioned design and the audience it aims to attract. I think you should go and decide for yourself (from 4pm till 4am, Mon-Sat)!

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