Anima Sound System 20th Anniversary Gig

Anima Sound System Album Cover

Anima Sound System at A38

Anima Sound System was one of the up and coming, soon to be heavyweights of the late 90s. They were one of the first people to start playing dub that had nothing to do with the original, reggae roots of dub. Instead, they wanted to make what is essentially a more relaxed, more spiritual form of drum and bass music. This they did marvelously, and their signature sound has become a go to world in and of itself for two generations of heart broken Hungarian teens. The voice of the lead singer lady has been aptly compared to the sound of the heavenly spheres.

anima sound system Anima Sound System 20th Anniversary Gig

The A38

This club that was made out of an old military boat won the 2012 award of Best Club on Earth. I don’t know if there is such a thing as the best club on earth, or what criteria you would have to choose but I do know this; the sound is absolutely fantastic, the staff is helpful, and the bar is the not too cheap but really good kind. A gig held here is always a treat, and this gig is going to be a worthy salute to the 20 years of music that Anima Sound System have given Hungarians.

What: Anima Sound System 20th Anniversary
Where: A38
When: 14.06.2013
Link: source

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