Ancient History In Modern Times

Acient History

It might be difficult to measure how many essential things you’d be lacking if you lived in a non-English-speaking country. Well, if that country is Hungary, and the city is the capital, Budapest, you’ve got one less thing to worry about: English Language Theatre!

The Secret English Theatre

Budapest Secret Theatre provides quality English-speaking performances. The secrecy is due to the organizers’ fancy to vary the shows’ location depending on the type of the plays. The different theatres include everything from small basement clubs to huge, famous theatres – and this time you’ll find them in the Atrium Film-színház, which, as its name suggests, is a cool, old-fashioned combination of a cinema and a theatre.

romeo juliet narrow Ancient History In Modern Times

Ancient History

The company is greeting the new season with a new piece by David Ives, a contemporary  American playwright. Ancient History, their most recent play will have its first performance on the 23rd of November! The topic revolves around modern relationships which are exemplified through a couple, Ruth and Jack, who seem perfectly happy at first – that is, until you scratch the surface. And they do, by a proposal from the woman… At that point, they have to accept the reality of their situation and raise the previously avoided questions of age, religion, personality, world view and the convention of marriage itself. Do they find a resolution to these and to the basic question? What if there’s no living neither with, nor without each other? Which could be more important, the differences or the similarities? Find all the answers on the premiere this Saturday!

What: Ancient History by David Ives
Where: Atrium Film-Szinhaz Budapest
When: 23 November 19.00 & 5 December 20.00
Link: More information

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