Alparé- The Eastern White Trash Party

Bikini Beach

A celebration of all things common and trashy, a nirvana of known songs, the exact opposite of elitism- this is what Alpáré is all about. This night will be dedicated to the lovers of good bad music, from all types of genres and styles, the only important thing is- it has to be popular, it has to be poppy, it has to be easy to digest, and it has to be linked in some way to growing up in Eastern Europe. Many different genres of music fit this bill, and that is why many different kinds of Dj sets will be available for the public to hear.

First, the classics from the ill conceived notion of rock discos will be there to hurt your ears; crappy nu metal hymns from Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, along with Hungarian classics of this unforgettably cheesy and trashy genre. All the ragers will be played, bodies will hit the floor, and the entire set will be tons of fun and laughs.

alapare Alparé  The Eastern White Trash Party

After that SMDR will run his “way too popular set”, with songs from across genres and time, but ones that are no longer to be taken seriously because they have already had way more airplay than necessary. Radio hits that you definitely have heard before, and will be singing to yourself days after your hangover has cleared.

The next set will be for the 90s European techno lovers. Hits from Viva television and the Love parade will be spun, including of course the Love Parade anthem and Sonic Empire. The best dance hits of the pre-house explosion, and only the pop classics, ones that you either have heard, or feel like you have heard once you hear it, either way, there is no way you’ll be forgetting these gems!

And just when you think that it ends, there is still deeper, still unexplored levels of trashy music from the 90s, because what 90s party would be complete without a rave and happy hardcore set? This one will be spun by a known connoisseur of the genre, CSÁJUHÁSZ, a man who otherwise is not a Dj at all. His taste in music is impeccable, when it comes to the rave hymns and bouncy happy hardcore classics of bygone years, and oh yes, sandstorm will be there on his roster.

The guest and Dj of honor at this little get together will be coming in to play sometime early in the morning, and he will be giving you a taste of the East, as the man of the nour will be spinning hardbass classics, for those still sober enough to dance.

The event will be fun, will be hard, and will be dirty as all hell, and it will be held at a small no name place called Bikini Beach in Vas utca, one of the fastest rising party streets in the city, located right near Blaha Lujza tér. At the event you will have the opportunity to party like this the 90s, with plenty of booze, and indeed, the entire night is going to be a drunken orgy of disaster. If you’re into that, this is your place!

What: Alparé vol 7.
Where: Bikini Beach (1088. Budapest, Vas utca 16.)
When: 8 Marc, 2014 10pm – 5am
Link: More information

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