Aloe Blacc Gig In Budapest!

Budapest Park

A new and exciting soul singer from California, Aloe Blacc is known for his hit single “I Need A Dollar, Dollar”, and his song has pretty much become an emblematic song that is likely to become the theme song for the current repression, whenever that will end.

The Savior Of Soul?

Many people have high hopes for Aloe, even though he is currently at the one hit wonder status. After all, who can name another song he did? Didn’t think so!Still, he has shown that he is well able to write a song, is as professional as Leon himself, and boy can he hold a tune! Am really looking forward to what else will be sung at the gig, however, perhaps covers, or maybe something from an upcoming album?

The Venue

The radio station Class FM, a Budapest based radio station with absolutely nothing special about it is responsible for booking the gig, and for bringing Aloe Blacc to the unsuspecting Budapest public. I do admire their courage and confidence; a little known and unpopular radio station puts in pretty much all their money to bring a one hit wonder across the pond for a one time only gig? You have to admit, this sounds like it is going to be Fun, with a capital ‘F’!

The gig will be held at the Budapest Park, which is a newly opened venue mimicking a recently closed down, extremely popular venue right across the bridge from where this current one is set up. This even adds to the experimental nature of it all, as not many gigs have been booked here so far, and some future ones will include Anthrax, to name just one. All in all, this night will be guaranteed fun, one way, or the other.

What: Aloe Blacc
Where: Budapest Park
When: June 23, Sunday
Link: More information

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