The “Szintér” Project

Színter Projekt

Budapest is a city that has a lot of empty, unused space. There have been massive migrations to other countries, and the birth rate has also been in steady decline, leaving many former shops and cultural spaces empty and derelict,

Artificial Beaches

BVK Holding Budapesti Városüzemeltetési Központ Zrt

Hungary is a landlocked country, and while there are several larger lakes that are perfectly fine for swimming, most cities only encounter the tainted waters of the Danube or the Tisza, both thoroughly unfit for swimming because of industrialization. Although

Gozsdu Sky Terrace

Gozsdu Sky Terrace

Budapest is one of those European cities that sprang up spontaneously over time, and it was not planned, like most American cities, for example. That means that most of the architecture does not conform to one another, and the different

BAR 72 Open Air


Ever wondered what an open air chilled out techno party was like? Do you like lounge music but do not want to be in a lounge this weekend? Just your luck as today is the day of the second BAR

Pinball in Budapest

Pbal Gallery

Pinball is making its way back to the public eye, what with 90s nostalgia on the rise as the kids from the 80s get older. The funny thing is, pinball has never gone away, although it definitely did fall out

Budapest Essentials

Budapest Essentials

The first Budapest Essentials festival, taking place between 27 May and 1 June, is the celebration of the Budapest of today and the improvements of the recent past. The aim of the event is to emphasize the city’s many positives, to put

Eleven Design Festival

Eleven Design Weekend

Yet another design weekend in Budapest! This city is quickly becoming the capital not of just Hungary, but of the design world as well. It seems that design houses and small, independent artists hell bent on making functional jewels, tools

Zsolnay Festival in Pécs

Zsolnay Fesztivál és Egyetemi Napok

Hungary is known for having soil that has very high clay content, and is very rich in minerals because of the thermal waters that are underneath most of the country. In many places, the clay content is so great that

Interpretive Dance Festival


Budapest is one of the main hubs for modern art. The best place for photography and visual mediums, Budapest is also an important cultural as well as physical bridge for the art world. This is where Prague, Vienna and the

Zöld Pardon Taking A breather

Zöld Pardon

There have been some rather malicious although understandable rumors about one of the clubs that made Budapest famous in the eyes of foreigners is going to close down. It has been opposed by locals in the past (common for old,

Back To The 80s Old School Hip Hop Party

Mika Tivadar Mulató

This is one of those parties that started off as a one time event and got so hugely popular that now people are bringing it back for round two. This will be a Dj event, where two lads who are

Erzsébet tér

Akvárium Klub

It’s past is a mess of lies, experimentation, and scandal, it’s present is all about partying and degradation, while it’s future seems to be over regulated- Erzsébet square is pretty much a miniature version of Hungary itself, and Budapest in

Zabiela Weekend


James Zabiela is finally coming to Hungary, and to make this event special, he is doing two gigs in the country,one in Pécs, and one in Budapest on the 4th and 5th of April! If you like house music and

Family Festival At CsaládÜnnep

Millenáris Logó

Hungary truly is the land of festivals. They begin already in March,m and last all through the year, with a marked increase in the spring and summer months, with only January and February being free from events, to give a